The Forefront – The Black Phoenix Project

In this post I will look at the primary inspiration behind this project. Without question my two favorite hard surface artists are Mike Nash and Vitaly Bulgarov and for a long time the Black Phoenix Project ( by the latter, has been a massive source of inspiration and a solid benchmark of quality for me. This is why for my final project I decided to complete a similar challenge. My mechs would be assembled from a hand crafted kit, same the characters in the Black Phoenix Project. One difference however was that while Vitaly managed to push out a finished model on a daily basis for 9 days I would give myself 4. This is because while I managed to get the modeling aspect of my characters down to a day, I wanted the final result to be a game-ready character. This meant that unlike Vitaly’s characters mine would be subject to a much lower polygon budget, will neet to have UVs set-up and also have normal details and textures. Finally after some set-up work I managed to get my model turnover at 4 days on average – 1 for modeling, 2 Unwrapping and detailing, 3 and 4 engine import and shader work.


Bulgarov, V. (2017). Art of Vitaly Bulgarov. [online] Available at: [Accessed 14 Mar. 2017].


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