Dev Diary: Week 7

Welcome to the week seven round up of the Hangar 45 student project! Here you will see some of the progress I have made with this task on a weekly basis and see me talk about some of the challenges and (more importantly) solutions that I deal with.

We Gon’ Dun It!

After about a month of modeling, optimizing and research we have finally arrived at the point where I have 9 unwrapped, detailed, game ready mechs!


Those no longer with us…


Originally the project was meant to include 3 parts or rather 3 character types. Kits were developed for two of those, with the mech kit being the only one that was developed to the point where it was game ready. At this point the project the project was narrowed down from roughly 50+ characters to the more realistic number of 12 mech concepts, with the final deliverable lowered still to 5 or 7 textured models.

In the end all the concepts created had a hierarchy of importance where concepts that did not read as well, required large amounts of custom kit parts or required additional technical effects like particles to work were cut. In the end this move kept the project focused and more diverse as currently all models have a unique purpose and style.

On the Topic of Style…

The project while using a unified kit to create unique characters always strived to have 3 mech styles – one smooth (with a more clean futuristic look), one jagged (more contemporary looking set of AI driven machines inspired by modern technology) and another style (that highlighted contemporary vehicle design that were piloted by humans – a secondary kit that fell behind due to technical difficulties… we’ll see how kind time is to us).


Currently the project is on track – moving into the texturing and materials phase of the project. Having cut the material delivered has allowed for more time on optimizing meshes and design quality, which is what this project is ultimately about – I am only one man after all…



3 thoughts on “Dev Diary: Week 7

  1. Well, impressive! I’m curious about how those smooth ones (with a more clean futuristic look) are animated (or going to be animated). They seem to be flexible and solid at the same time, and they don’t seem to have any visible joints in their limbs.


    • Thanks for the comment! The idea behind the legs of the “smooth ones” (thinking of a better name is in works) is that ultimately they still have a hard metallic frame beneath, while the smooth appearance is due to a few protective layers of cloth and rubber that’s aimed at keeping sand and etc. out of the joints. It should be more clear once I have them textured with materials 🙂


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