Dev Diary: Week 6

Welcome to the week six round up of the Hangar 45 student project! Here you will see some of the progress I have made with this task on a weekly basis and see me talk about some of the challenges and (more importantly) solutions that I deal with.

UV Fun Times

This week has been focused mainly on unwrapping my mech models. As such there isn’t anything too groundbreaking or vaguely interesting to write about. From a projected full unwrap of 4 mech models I managed to accomplish 6 (+1 already done at the start of the project) and also start some normal detailing on the largest siege mech.

To speed the process up I have decided to use automatic UV unwrapping as after much consideration I found no benefit in quality to manually unwrap the hard surface models as things like seams or side scale are a errors that I will correct towards the end of the process (some new ideas to be tested out).

So far for hard surfaces I am using 3DCoat’s automatic UV unwrap to break up the model – which give me hard clean edges that I can easily project normal details on.
However for smooth, curved surfaces Zbrush is the better alternative as its UV maps are better at following the flow and angle of such shapes.


So far technically 3 models have been completed with normal detailing as 3 of the mechs had a different production process to the other six meaning that normal detailing was done along side mesh modeling and sculpting.



So far the project is moving into the parts of production that I am less familiar with, but all the theory that I’ve read, looked at and studied seems to be holding pretty well. In an interesting way I’m a little ahead of schedule and (possibly) behind as the unwrapping process and model breakdowns took much less time than expected, but now it seems that I will have to use 3D Coat for some of the detailing process – a software much slower (for what I am using it for) than the planned Zbrush.


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