Dev Diary: Week 4

Welcome to the week four round up of the Hangar 45 student project!
Here you will see some of the progress I have made with this task on a weekly basis and see me talk about some of the challenges and (more importantly) solutions that I deal with.

Modeled Mechs – 1 

Another mech done! Went a bit further with the details on this one and added a bit more complexity to the larger shapes… considering the other ones were turning up at around 60k polys I managed to push this one to 70k…
Overall this one is based on my concept, which was based on another concept that was inspired by a game that was based on another game… all roads lead to Homeworld…

Modeled Mechs – 2

Arm Mech kinda done (dark grey images are early work). This one it seems will take an extra day (at some later point) as I need to do some retopolgy on a few parts, model out a few extra pieces and sculpt some joints a bit better. High poly model is currently at about 50 million polys, but I ought to drop that to 100k – 150k. Ye this model had a slightly different workflow to the others, which is why I left it for the later stages of the project.


Custom Bump Maps

This is a quick alpha pack for my mechs. This is essentially a set of image with black and white data that can be used to fake height data on a flat 3D surface, this means that low detail models (like the ones I’ve been working on) can be made to look cool while still working on crappy PCs
I’m using this combined with a few other such packs available online made by professionals to speed things up, but yah some things you gotta do for yourself I’ll make a few more of these over then next few weeks

No automatic alt text available.

Custom Bloom Update

I decided to do some quick effects work.
Big shout out to David who may have saved me a ton of work. As you can see I did some work on my anamorphic bloom solution. Thanks to David I may not need to edit the engine its self as I can get a pretty decent effect with only one of the two variable I originally wanted to change (who knew that the simple looking one would be the more impossible one).
I might still need to add in the other one though and if so it’ll probably be done at a waaay late point in the project as I suspect that a new engine update (with some new features that will be of use to me) might be coming soon and taking my time with this will save me doing all the work twice

No automatic alt text available.



Overall I’ve managed to wrap up the more complex mech models this week. I’ve decided to cut a few out of the final project as they generally look too similar to some current designs and will end up eating time without bringing  anything new. This should allow give me a few extra days for optimization and extra polish on all other mechs and if ahead of schedule I do have some plans for extra work that can be added to the project.

Custom bloom tests are going well enough to be added to the final level, but they can be pushed a few extra inches to give me more control over the final look (but I suspect this can be fixed in post-process color correction at the very end.

The bump maps will be added to the mechs at the “second stage” of the development process, which should start in a week or two.



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