Dev Diary: Week 2

Welcome to the week two round up of the Hangar 45 student project!
Here you will see some of the progress I have made with this task on a weekly basis and see me talk about some of the challenges and (more importantly) solutions that I deal with.

Kit Work

Seeing as how most of the characters were designed with an overarching visual library and rely on kits for final details – This week, will mostly focus on finalizing the part kits that will be used in the project.
The kits themselves are based on the work of artist Vitaly Bulgarov, however I though it’d good practice to recreate some of the parts that I need and get them to be of infinitely lower poly counts as the originals are mostly centered around high poly CG models


Tube Kit  – to be used as filler geometry to help join mech pieces and hide any clipping from joints quickly.


Heavy Joints Kit – While this low poly set lacks many of the details if the original, I figured that as long as I have the basic shapes done I can add the rest with textures later – this was a nifty solution as this is one of the more universal packs that will go with mechs big (~30m?) and small (~2m?) so scale(less(ness?)?) was important. 

Piston Kit – kinda done now… I saw a couple of other cool designs I want to add to it, but ye this is one is more of a filler pack to add some geometry quickly in them hard to reach places
Rough Sensor Kit – one of two sensor kits for the project. This one focuses on more current looking designs for fancy scanners and doo-dads. While these are still low poly models I did increase the detail on these a bit more as they would be allied to models in lower numbers (unlike the other kits) so they’d eat up less geometry budget on average.
Sci-Fi Sensor Kit – the second sensor kit, this one focuses on smoother more sci-fi/stealthy/smooth looking designs.
Armor Kit – This a small set of armored plates that will add a stronger, tougher feel to the bulkier mechs in the project. I decided to make a few versions of them, just to avoid too much repetition. Also as these are going to be small models that will be used in large quantities on the final mech, I made them super low poly.
Flares Kit – For extra grounding decided to actively show the models main means of defense against stronger hits, instead of the usual force field… (not promising that there won’t be models that use that excuse, but most of them will be more grounded)
Handles/Attachments Kit – a small collections of surface details and attachments that I’ll use to add extra details to some mechs. Should help with getting some industrial design principles through (ie. people can see how a door could move and be opened, just by looking at it) exposing some mechanisms.
No automatic alt text available.
Cloth Kit – Was a bit of a mixed bag… this is because I believe that nothing makes a cool tough mech/vehicle/space-suit look weaker than exposed tubes/wires (for which I already made a kit) coz… like anything can damage those… so aside from low reliance on exposed tubes and stuff I wanted to have some covered up ones like these. This is a super small pack as having more variants of different sizes would have the cloth covers deform in a different way and require almost as much effort into adjusting them as making a new set – so this is a small starting point for something that will be made on a per-case scenario
*Full Kit Renders*
In the end this was perhaps the most time consuming part of the project, as these parts will the main source of physical complexity when it comes to the final models as most of the secondary detail will be through displacement textures and all tertiary details will be handles though texture materials in the game engine.
The total triangles for this pack came to just above 100k, but given that no single model will have the entire pack in it (some sensor assets are quite high, but intended to be used in small numbers on select models).

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