UE4 RnD – Custom Shaders: Adding Visuals

For this project I will have to create several custom shader materials. One example of this is my current solution for volumetric light. As UE4 does not currently support this feature and has god-rays only as a screen-space effect, I developed a simple shader with custom textures that creates the effect of a fog that is light up by a light source. It receives data regarding it’s position to other geometry as well as the camera to create a fading effect as the user gets closer.


Conclusion – While the effect is working as intended it’s visual quality leaves much to be desired as well as its behavior when interacting with other visual effects. It will be either greatly altered in visual appearance or an alternative method may be used for the final product. That being said this solution is still a much more efficient and controllable than UE4.17’s use of Volumetric Lighting which can cause great performance drops.


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