Engineer Live Project

Hey everyone I was recently tasked with creating an engineer character for a sci-fi setting. I wanted to use this project to recreate an old model of mine that I lost sometime ago to technical difficulties, but also aim to make it very different and… “better”.

Step one to push out some fast concepts looking at the shape and feel of the character…

Concept 1.jpg

For this idea I wanted to go with a run-down rough look without making it look post-apocalyptic I was also recently inspired by some characters in Spirited Away and wanted to add multiple limbs to the model to make it stand out more.

After an initial block out I rendered out the model and did some line paint overs to iron out some details and shape adjustments.

Concept 2.jpg

Finally after texturing the model and creating the materials I used Keyshot to render out several images of the final model.

Finally while the model came out looking as intended there are a few more assets I would like to add to it to balance the shape out as it currently feel a little too top heavy. With these details finally added I would also start exploring some interesting poses and lighting environments, before adding it to my portfolio as a finished piece.


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