For this week’s project my task was to recreate something nostalgic from my childhood. For the task I decided to do a remake of Raziel from the game series Legacy of Kane. For my character I decided to go with a futuristic approach which works nicely with the character background of being brought back from the dead and everything.

The first order of business was to gather around some research about eh character – this was done mostly through by looking at promotional art (as the game is quite old and the in game model lacked some details that might be useful to me) to get a better understanding for the exaggerated proportions that the character is known to have.


My next step was to research some artists who have strong backgrounds in hard-surface modeling. My initial stop was Vitaly Bulgarov. In his recent projects he has done some fantastic work with fusing mechanical models with anatomical sculpts in interesting ways (not unlike the bio-mechanical works of HR Giger) that would be a great inspiration and reference for some my work on the subject of Raziel.

My next artist inspiration was Mike Nash. I chose him for my second source of inspiration for his extremely detailed and believable military armor concepts, that incorporate cloth, rubber and other soft materials along with metal plating.

Due to the limited time available I decided to use some of my own kit-bash libraries that I have from previous projects in order to quickly build up detail in some areas of the model. After completing the base model in Softimage I added some cloth using Marvelous Designer and then took the whole model into Zbrush where I could easily adjust the proportions to match the original design more closely.


Next I sculpted a head using Dynamesh and the used the Zremesher function to clean up and reduce the topology and added that to the base model. The idea behind that was that due to wraith-like nature of the character the face would be a holographic projection coming from the body in a similar manned to some of the designs done by Vitaly Bulgarov.


Here is the final result rendered using Keyshot.



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