Red Chases Blue – The Tamer

When it came to designing the tamer I wanted to add some hard surface elements to the my image so I decided to go with a sci-fi armor. While the Beast at this stage had feathers that could be used to show motion I decided to add cloth elements. Apart from helping to establish motion the addition of cloth would also same a ton of time when it comes to designing detail (due to the time span of the project this was very useful).

As mentioned before the Tamer started out as template model that I used Dynamesh on to block out shapes that were then refined with alphas and the Polish brush.


Much like the Beast model once I had a render completed I did a paint-over in Photoshop looking at how some of the armor pieces would change and who the cloth would work. At this stage I wanted to add some sort of a exo suit element, but that was dropped soon due as the final composition would not show this ultimately.  hard-surface-plan

Going by the image I decided to do some more work on the chest and arms. This involved masking out sections of the mesh and making separate polygroups of them and then working individually on them. The image below shows the difference this makes in the chest area of the model (with the arms already being completed).


The final stage of the tamer development was to add the cloth. This was done in Marvelous Designer which provided a quick and accurate real-time cloth simulation that could easily be manipulated to achieve a wind effect.


The final render of the Tamer does not have textures. Due to the time constraints and the work being done on the beast. I decided to render the same image of the Tamer on Keyshot several times with different materials. I then used Photoshop with some rendered and hand painted masks to combine the renders and adjust the colors.



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