Red Chases Blue – Composition.

Having finished and rendered the models I started out with these two images.



Having the model rendered in separate scenes allowed me to easily change the final composition, location and camera perspectives of the characters to suggest size and location in the image.

I started out with photobashing two images from to create a back ground.


I then place the Beast render.


The next step was to adjust the lighting on the render in order for it to match that of the whole scene as well as to add details what would better blend the character with the environment.


The next step was to add the Tamer character render.


The next step in turn was adjust his colors and lighting to match the scnene as well as hand paint in some details to be better visible.


Towards the end I added some dust and debris in order to make the image more dynamic and to better blend the characters with the environment as well to add depth where needed.


Once I was happy with the artifacts and details I did some overall color correction and post-processing effects to minimize any visual inconsistencies and make certain colors stand out more.


And this concludes today’s write up on how the Red Chases Blue image was done – feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments!


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