RedVBlue – the chase continues

So tonight I finalized the primary skin shapes (folds and bumps and stuff) so I moved on to adding feathers. Not a huge fan of the whole dinosaurs now have feathers movement but science seems pretty firm on that for now 😛 – so I set off to try and make my mutant chicken dinosaur thing look a bit more menacing with feathers.

Looking at some images of vultures and carrion cranes (or the marabou stork) I went for a more messy worn out look. The images at the bottoms are just a few renders with the first feather model, over which I then decided to paint over to quickly identify a look that I will be going for and then refine the model based on that.


I guess next steps would be to start some work on the character based around hard surface and start looking at an overall scene/image look for the final piece.


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